most of the things i say are aai spoilers

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THANKS i do too it is very easy to maintain :)

THANKS i do too it is very easy to maintain :)

do i wanna know is better than why do you only come here when youre high like comment subscribe for more edgy and educated music opinions

how come so much of the music i like ends up in the soundtracks to tv shows

Mystery Skulls


Amazing; Mystery Skulls.

What you got, girl, is something so amazing.
Just your smile, girl, is something that can change me. 

im not sure i can even comprehend how much $40,000 is

oh $40,000 for one year of school? and i have to take 4 years? and that’s just tuition? GREAT GOOD GOD DAMN FANTASTIC I SURE LOVE THAT THERE ARE NO AFFORDABLE ALTERNATIVES EVEN OUT OF THE COUNTry

sometimes i think about how expensive art school is and im reminded how small and insignificant my life is

i actually really dont like the way my hair is right now, it works great for the show but not so much for everyday? once the show is over i think im gonna go back to my undercut and do the top this color with some parts of it pale pink and have like. strawberry cream hair

chickennchipsahoy replied to your post: uggh i really want to update my wardro…

*throws a ton of money at you so you can buy all the clothes you want*

haha thank u chicken